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"Your yoga online classes have truly been a lifeline for me-
helping so much with anxiety and of course
all the other good stuff it brings at this unsettled time."

"Thanks for these recordings, I just redid Friday’s class and really enjoyed it!"



✔Group classes


Affordable Private Tuition - visit

✔Chair Yoga

✔People with impaired movement or disable

✔ Beginners welcome at group classes

✔ Warm and friendly environment

In person and
online classes
Alonso Seixas teaching Yoga at Reay Primary in London. This is the Three legged dog posture.
Alonso Seixas teaching yoga at the Oval (Reay Primary) and helping students with postures

Hello, I'm Alonso.


I teach weekly mixed-ability group yoga classes, Chair Yoga and also privately, at Kennington Oval, Stockwell, Brixton, Vauxhall and adjacent neighbourhoods. 


My  method and ethos is to promote well-being through Hatha Yoga practice, supported by instruction about the philosophical and subtle aspects of this wonderful, ancient technique of self-refinement and cultivation. (read more)

Alonso Seixas teaching yoga at the Oval (Reay Primary) and helping students with postures
  schedule & fees
Group class
  • Monday: 7:15-8:45pm - Slow-Flow Hatha, All Levels
At Reay Studio, Reay Primary SW9 0EN, (entrance via Caldwell St) view map
Drop in £15
Block of 6 classes to be used within 10 weeks: £79 (£13.16/class)
Please email ( or call us directly on 07962 147405




Private Tuition


Chair Yoga 

  • F​or Chair Yoga info & bookings, please here 


Currently we cannot accept payment through the website - however, you can still book online and pay by cash or card* in person or via bank transfer
*A small surcharge will be added to card transactions
We're not open on bank holidays and election days unless stated.
Also great to check this page for any possible cancellations

Free taster class*

* Offer subject to availability.

Only £30 for unlimited classes in your first month!*

Valid for all in-person and/or online classes, within a 28 day period

*Offer to be purchased within the first week of the Taster

send us a message for purchasing 

Block of 6 classes - to be used with 10 weeks
£79 via bank transfer or cash (£80 by card)

send us a message for purchasing 

before coming to class...

Remember that you’re certainly not the only one who has thought of joining a yoga class but has held back out of sheer fear! Believe me, I’ve been there and I can relate to it. This may be because you don’t think you are supple or fit enough, or because you may have difficulty with following instructions, or even because you feel too stressed out with the perils of life to join “such a Zen-ish environment".


Whichever reason you may have, a yoga class is fundamentally a place for learning about and developing yourself.

As a teacher I welcome everyone, of all backgrounds, ages and creeds (yoga is not a religion), and with whatever difficulties they may have. This is why most of my classes are “mixed-ability”.  After the first few sessions your body and mind will begin to open.

  •  It's important that you let me know of any injuries that may affect your practice so I can provide modifications for postures.

  • Arrive at least 7 minutes before class starts to settle in and avoid queueing for payment, that can delay the beginning of class.

  • Make sure your last proper meal is at least 3 hours before class. A light meal 2 hours before should be fine.

  •  Limited number of mats, blocks, and belts available (if you're a first-timer let us know you're coming to ensure there is a kit for you). I strongly encourage regulars to purchase their own mat.

  •  Wear comfortable clothes to allow movement. 

  •  Barefoot grip is much better on the mat, whereas socks can make you slip and loose your balance. 

  •  Pregnant women are welcome from 15 weeks onwards. Please get in touch before attending class for a brief chat.

  • I provide mindful hands-on adjustments to enhance students' understanding of the postures. Please do let me know if you'd rather have an adjustment-free practice.

  •  Our energy and concentration oscillate from day to day so what you did in class last week may not be available for you today. “Listen to your body” and accept your process.

  • Please avoid perfumes and heavy scents.

  •  A yoga class is a non-competitive environment, a place for self-discovery. Stay focused and enjoy your practice.

  • Leaving class before the end invariably impacts on others. If you're feeling light headed, or not well come to Child Pose or let the teacher know.

  •  Phones off please!

  •  Always feel free to ask questions about the practice, and please don't hesitate to contact us directly any time on 07962 147405.

  • Finally, your teacher is not a guru, but just a normal person on his own path, who is passionate about sharing with the wonderful tool that is yoga.

  • The NHS now recommends yoga for many different chronic conditions, diseases, etc. Here's their link on this subject:



Alonso Seixas teaching yoga at the Oval (Reay Primary) and helping students with postures
Alonso Seixas teaching yoga at the Oval (Reay Primary) and helping students with postures

Alonso is an inspirational teacher whose passion for yoga shines 

 throughout his classes. He makes the practice fun as well as pushing us to explore our limits.

- Lalage


Thanks for last night, it’s great to find a class with such a nice atmosphere - very rare in London!

- Tim


Alonso's classes are very warm and welcoming. He offers a good mix with his classes being physically challenging, yet accepting of individuals' strengths and limitations. I've been going to Alonso's classes for over eight years now and have seen great results with my strength and flexibility which is definitely what I wanted.

- Emma

I have practiced yoga for many years, and came to london wanting a class that would allow me to explore everything I love about yoga.

I attended a few different ones which I felt at times did not have the depth of practice that I was looking for. I have been with Alonso's class for almost two years now and wouldn't go anywhere else. What keeps me coming back is the wonderful balance that Alonso creates between extending yourself physically whilst focusing your mind. And of course my favourite part - concentration and relaxation! 


For me these four elements are the essense of yoga and can be very challenging, however Alonso seemingly easily helps everyone to do this, whether you're like me who has practised for years or are a complete beginner! 


I leave every class feeling calm and amazing, thank you :)

 - Sophie

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