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Gentle Yoga  

Sound Bath 


April 28


A wonderful ending for the week, recharging your energies for the one ahead. All in a candlelit setting under a lovely starry ceiling.

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Our new guest

Following the success of our previous events, this time we're introducing a new guest sound healer, Alistair Smith.       Alistair is also a professional musician and composer, a multi instrumentalist .  He'll be using tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls and other percussive instruments. 

For more info on Alistair, visit


The event

Begins with an hour of gentle asana (postures) practice followed by another 60 minutes of deep immersion in the sound of gongs, Tibetan bowls and other percussive elements played Alistair while students lie still on their mats in savasana, or corpse pose.

A wonderful ending for the week, recharging your energies for the one ahead. All in a candlelit setting under a lovely starry ceiling.


When & Where:

Sunday, April 28,  6:30 - 8:30pm

Reay Studio, Reay Primary SW9 0EN (entrance via caldwell St)  

What to bring:

The room will be nice and warm as usual, however as your body cools down in deep relaxation, it's essential that you have your extra layers to hand. Perhaps even a blanket  and a cushion if you can bring them along.



To confirm your booking please pay the full amount* via online banking  and reply to this email letting us know you have made the payment.
Fee: £20
AC: 90662771
SC: 20 66 51
Reference: Yoga Sound Event

*a full refund will be issued in case of cancellation.



All Oval Yoga students need to follow the booking process above as this event isn't included on  class blocks or intro offers.


Reay Stusio, Reay primary - SW9 0EN (entrance via Caldwell St)   View Map

Any questions, feel free to call us on 07962 147405 or send us a message.

Testimonials on previous yoga & sound baths events

"A truly complete and magical event,


As this was not my first Sound Bath, I was looking forward to something similar that I had experienced before - this was not any Sound Bath, this was the best event I have ever attended.

First of all, Alonso had prepared a gentle yoga session, to ground us and prepare us for Chai hour-long  Sound Bath session, which was magical, the sounds produced by Chai are enveloping and relaxing to start with then going crescendo without disturbing the beautiful meditation that we were in. Chai's sounds felt very personal as if he was playing for each one of us individually. 

The combination of the yoga class and the Sound Bath worked perfectly together and gave me a complete experience.


I highly recommend Alonso & Chai Yoga and Sound Bath event and I will be definitely attending the next one. ""(Sylvie)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga and Sound Bath event-


I had never been to one and any apprehensions I had about it were left at the door! The combination of the slow flow yoga led by Alonso and the very carefully and stimulating sounds played by Chai made for a truly wonderful and therapeutic experience. There was a real air of peace and relaxation in the room, aided by the candles and lovely star-lit ceiling we had. I can’t wait for the next one!" (Jenny)

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